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Just a little information about my background.

I was born and grew up in Rhode Island, the Ocean State,  My interest in drawing and art started at an early age.  My siblings and I would sit around the kitchen table with my mother, a very talented artist herself, and draw, color or create things to keep us entertained.  My father, a career USAF aviator, introduced me to aviation when I as about nine years old when he took me out to the airfield to see my first helicopter.  He would also tell me about the many different planes he flew, the ones he liked best and the units he served with in WWII and the Berlin Airlift.

In 1965 I joined the U.S. Army and was accepted into flight school.  This turned into a 23 year career as a U.S. Army Aviator, completing two combat tours in Vietnam first with the 4th Infantry Division and then with the 1st Cavalry Division.  I also served in numerous flying and administrative assignments throughout Europe, the United States and Korea until I was medically retired in 1988 due to a heart condition.  One thing I will always remember is my father got to fly with me onboard the last flight I made in the CH-47 Chinook.  During those years I also  earned a B.S. degree from Auburn University and an MBA from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

After retirement I began drawing again and my wife suggested I try painting.  I signed up for a weekend oil painting class and found it to be my medium of choice.  Over the years I have attended oil painting workshops conducted by several well known and accomplished oil painting artists.  

You may notice by my paintings I do favor the sea and aviation.  My subject matter, however, varies depending on how I feel at any given moment and what catches my eye.


I am currently an artist member of the American Society of Aviation Artists and an artist member of The Tuesday Group.  I am also a member of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association, the 1st Cavalry Division Association and the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation. 

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